Documentation and Tx Guidelines

There are many different things we must do when preparing for an emergency. Having bank account, credit card, insurance, and medical information on hand can be very helpful. How about putting together a Document Book and an extensive Home Inventory ahead of time?

In the event your family isn't together during an emergency come up with a family plan and go over meeting places and contacts. It is also a good idea to have a travel size medical information sheet for each family member. Put a copy of the kids information sheet in their backpacks and have one by emergency numbers for babysitters. Put one in your wallet or purse and keep copies in the car in case of accidents.

There are some excellent emergency planning information web sites. Having a great comprehensive emergency check list, and a detailed guidebook on planning for any emergency will be very beneficial.

The state of Texas has a really good website which provides credible and reliable information relating to disaster preparedness in our area. It's also a good idea to know the schools emergency policies in the area. Also, be sure to check the ward website for emergency preparedness information. Just log on to and click on the Stake and Ward Web Site section. It will ask you to sign on. If you don't have an account set up yet, you’ll need your membership number and your confirmation date. The ward clerk can get you your membership info sheet (you also got one during your tithing settlement) and that’s all you’ll need to be able to set up an account. Once you’re on the web site, you can reach the emergency preparedness information under the section titled "News and Information".

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