Emergency Preparedness as a Family

Emergency preparedness can make great Family Home Evening Activities. By planning ahead and allowing our children to be involved with the process, we will all be better prepared in the event of an emergency.

The National Hurricane Center has some educational "wanted posters" about weather “bullies”. This section teaches hurricane, storm surge, flood, high wind, tornado, and Rip Current basics and safety. Also on this page is a scavenger hunt for your disaster supply kit, and a hurricane tracking chart at the bottom of the page.

Teaching children about using 911 is also very important; this link has some great ideas and printable activities. FEMA has a terrific web site full of activities and books you can order for free, and the Dept. of Homeland Security has a fun kids website with good ideas on planning and kits. The website also has some fun online games dealing with emergency preparedness, and here is a great idea for making an emergency floor plan

The church has some great emergency preparedness family home evening ideas in the Family Home Evening Resource Book and additional articles occasionally appear in the Ensign and Friend.

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