A 72hr. kit includes much more than just food. It includes bedding, fuel, personal supplies, medicines, and other items. Your 72 hr. kit should be updated every 6 months. A good way to remember this is to do it with every General Conference. Everyone can switch out summer for winter clothes and eat their food. You could even set up the tent and check for wear and tear. Small children should also have an Activity Survival Kits so they will have things to do and comfort items.

You could also make school or office supply kit:

  • 1 Light Stick, safe no spark or flame. -No batteries required.
  • 2 Nutrition Bars, 400 calories each. Five year storage life
  • 3 Drinking Water Pouches. Purified water with five year shelf life.
  • 4 "Grabber" warm pack. Hours of safe warmth self activated.
  • 1 Thermal reflective, emergency blanket. Retains warmth.
  • 1 Poncho with hood. Lightweight emergency design. Compact
  • 1 Tissue Pack - Moist Wipes - Waste Bags Dust Mask
  • 8 inch x 10 inch clear, heavy thickness, zip top bag.

A Car Kit, a First Aid Kit and a good list for Basic Emergency Supplies will really help us prepare for the unexpected. There are some excellent emergency planning information web sites.

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