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Have you ever forgotten the time for our Ward Activity, or do you needed to call someone in the Primary Presidency to let them know you found a substitute for your class? Need to get an address or phone number of a member? What could be easier than logging onto the website and finding all the information you need right there?

Found under the Stake and Ward section are the Stake and Ward Membership and Leadership Directories that have phone numbers, addresses, and emails. The other day I needed to get in touch with the Stake R.S. President about the canning equipment, I logged onto the Stake and Ward website and clicked on Stake Home, then I selected Leadership Directory. I found the RS leadership section and from there was able to send an email to the RS President requesting training on the canning equipment. From the Stake site I selected another ward and was able to find the number to the Provident Living Specialist in my other ward.

Go online and print out the Visiting Teaching Message for the month and the addresses for all the sisters you visit teach. You can even prepare a lesson or a talk

There are many other advantages to being able to access the Stake and Ward website. When is our next Stake Conference, or Ward activity? Wouldn’t it be great to know when Young Women’s Camp was, so you could schedule your summer vacation and still allow for camp? Or maybe you need to know more about the scouting events. From this site we can view the calendar of events from the General, Stake, and Ward level. It even has when our Fast Sunday’s are for Conference!

Under the News & Information section, our Ward has emergency preparedness information. It details what the responsibilities of the priesthood and home teachers are; and it describes how we will be contacted in the event of an emergency.

I was recently asked to substitute for one of the CTR 5 class. I logged onto and selected Preparing a Lesson! From there I printed out the lesson and the handouts that were supplied with the Manual.

Under the Preparing a Lesson section, I found they even have the Family Home Evening Resource Book and the Family Guidebook. There is also some fantastic information about how to improve Family Home Evenings, and access to the Sharing Time sections of the Friend magazine, by selecting Past Issues. Those work great for finding a fun activity to go with your lesson, or just use the scripture and story they have provided with each activity. Here’s an example. Our enrichment this month will be on how to use Church Materials for FHE, so mark it on your calendar (or print out this month’s calendar from our ward website!) and we’re looking forward to seeing you there.

In order to register with this site, all you need is your membership number and confirmation date. The Ward Clerk can give you a copy of your membership record and all this information can be found there.

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