10 Common Challenges Facing Families

Ten Common Challenges Facing Families

"What is the great strength of [this] Church? . . . It is the emphasis which we place on families. . . . Keep your families close together and love and honor your children."
—President Gordon B. Hinckley
"Family Home Evening," Ensign, Mar. 2003, 3

Today, families are facing unique challenges that were unknown years ago. This feature emphasizes 10 common challenges and provides help for parents in navigating the stormy waters created by these issues.

Ten Common Challenges Facing Families

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LDS Family Services provides free consultation to priesthood leaders and fee-based counseling services to Church members for a variety of situations and needs. These services can help individuals and families improve their quality of life. LDS Family Services has over 55 offices in the United States and 9 international offices.

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